2 WAYS of Hassle-Free Credit Card Cash-Back


I used to open many cash-back credit cards to get most out of my spending, and ended up with having too many cards. Using the right card for each spending category was a hassle. So I want to propose hassle-free ways for anyone who wants to try.


  • Limit to 3 cards in your wallet or phone.

  • Exclude cards that change reward category every quarter, like Chase Freedom or Discover It (while they’re good cards, I exclude them for this proposal’s purpose)


  • You never carry balance; always pay off (or you will pay more money as credit interest than what you get as cash-back)


  • Some of the links to the credit card homepage includes my referral code.

Frugal way (no annual fee)

You can get 2% to 4% cash-back on your spending.



Luxury way ($800 annual fees)

If you see benefit of using premium cards despite of their steep annual fees, you can try this way to get 2% - 6.25% cash back.


Both Amex cards give you Amex membership reward (MR) point for your spending.
When you cash back these points by your Amex Platinum w/ Schwab and deposit into your Charles Schwab brokerage account, you get additional 25% bonus, wow!

Cash-back with 25% bonus

Hope you find this helpful.